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In this edition of the Circular Ecology Newsletter, we are delighted to announce we have reached 5,000 subscribers.

As a special thank you, we are offering an exclusive 20% reduction on any of our instant access video training courses. This offer can not be found on our website, so if you would like to secure it please contact us inside the next 14 days.

Now for the newsletter. In this edition, we provide you with the video recording of our recent webinar, what is a water footprint, share our article on using LCA to score extra credits in building rating systems (such as BREEAM, LEED and CEEQUAL), and as always, share some of the best news, views and pictures.

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Environmental Fact of the Month

The environmental fact of the month was taken from our online collection of inspiring environmental facts

LCA for Extra Credits in BREEAM, LEED & CEEQUAL

We are regularly asked if life cycle assessment (LCA, also known as life cycle analysis) or embodied carbon assessments can be used to score extra points in green building and construction rating systems, such as BREEAM, LEED and CEEQUAL.

The short answer is yes.

Now, let's look at the detailed answer,

Video: What is a Water Footprint?

Our recent water footprint webinar was well received.Feedback included "Thanks! Really appreciate the picture pointing out the water consumption for an average lunch, very effective" and "Thank you very much, that was clear and informative".

We have now uploaded the video, slides and added links to wider water footprint resources to our site.Watch now or read more...

World's Largest Floating Wind Farm Given Green Light

Offshore wind farms have become a common sight in some parts of the world. However, to date they are mainly fixed bed turbines - mounted directly to the sea floor. This is fantastic, but it also limits the application to relatively shallow waters.

It is therefore great to see that the World's largest floating wind farm has recently been approved. This should bring offshore wind farms to many more locations around the world, read more...

Illuminating! A Potato Battery Can Light Up a Room For Over a Month

As one of the most ubiquitous crops in the world, the potato is poised to feed the entire world. Along the way, scientists discovered that the popular staple of many people's diets may also have potential to help power it as well.

Researchers have discovered that the humble potato could be used as a battery and at a fraction of the cost of conventional batteries. Read more...

Instant Access Video Training Courses - 20% Off

As a valued subscriber to our newsletter we can offer you an exclusive reduction on our video training courses. 

If you are interested in carbon footprinting, life cycle assessment and embodied energy, then one of our video training courses may be of interest. 

The courses are all instant access video training courses and have a final multi-choice test. To secure this limited rate please contact inside the next 14 days or read more.

Picture of the Month

The picture of the month is a drivable electric car - made from.... cardboard! Who would have believed it.

The "Origami Car", as it is known by Lexus, took 3 months to build. A steel and aluminium frame are used to mount an electric motor, making it possible to drive the car.

Find out more about the picture of the month.


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